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CEN 29/09/2023

  • CEN

HIDDEN DANGER: Snake Looks Like Hydraulic Cable As It Links Cab And Trailer On Large Truck KNOCKOUT FITNESS: Snapped Cable Caused Fitness Machine To Snap Shut On Influencer’s Head HIGHWAY ROBBERY: Bag Thief Sent Flying After Vigilante Woman Smashes Into Him With Her Car In Front Of Cops MIND BENZER:… Read More »CEN 29/09/2023


WAR IN UKRAINE: Ukrainian Gunmen Enter Close Combat With Russian Soldiers Amid Fierce Shootout To Free Andriivka Village WAR IN UKRAINE: Intense Firefight As POV Footage Shows Ukrainian Paratroopers Liberating Klishchiivka Near Bakhmut WAR IN UKRAINE: Combat Medics Evacuate Wounded Ukrainian Soldier With Special Dune Buggy WAR IN UKRAINE: Ukrainian… Read More »NEWSFLASH WAR DESK 29/09/2023

CEN 28/09/2023

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TRAGIC MURDER: Man Killed His Wife And Mum Of Two Before Writing His Name In Blood On Her Naked Body CAR KILLER’S JAIL SUICIDE: Man Who Rammed Shoppers With SUV Found Dead In Cell With Note Claiming ‘I Am Innocent’ OFF THE RAILS: Booze-Drinking Train Worker Crashes Express Onto Platform… Read More »CEN 28/09/2023


WAR IN UKRAINE: Russian Soldiers Flee Ukrainian Artillery And Drone Bombs WAR IN UKRAINE: Ukrainian Soldiers Defend Reclaimed Territory And Collect War Trophies WAR IN UKRAINE: Ukrainian Troops Shoot Down Russian UAVs During Night-Time Defensive Operation WAR IN UKRAINE: Ukrainian Drone Operators Discover And Destroy Russian Military Equipment Hidden Among… Read More »NEWSFLASH WAR DESK 27/09/2023

CEN 27/09/2023

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STABBED AND DUMPED IN HEDGE: Teen Left Six-Year-Old To Die Then Laughed In Mum’s Face MONKEY BUSINESS: Primate Makes A Monkey Of Office Workers As It Apes Their Computer Skills IRON MAN: Docs Find Dozens Of Nuts, Bolts, Jewellery And Ear Buds In Man’s Stomach OFF THE MAP: Cartographer Who… Read More »CEN 27/09/2023

CEN 26/09/2023

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SNAKE AND NO LADDERS: Two Rescuers Drop Giant Snake Crawling Through Flat Window FOUR BY FLOOR: Luxury SUV Left Dangling From High Rise Car Park SUMMIT GONE WRONG: Montaineer Stripped Of World Records After Map Expert Says He Missed Peak IN THE ROUGH: People Search For Gems Worth Millions After… Read More »CEN 26/09/2023

CEN 25/09/2023

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GORED TO DEATH: Moment Dad-Of-Two Is Impaled On Bull’s Horse Inches Away From Spectators PRICE FREEZE: Fury As Ice Cream Parlour Demands EUR 1 For Extra Spoon CURRENT AFFAIRS: Moment Man On Motorbike Is Swept Away Trying To Ride Across Flooded Road TIME TO DIE: Lucky Motorist Escapes Death After… Read More »CEN 25/09/2023