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CEN 24/03/2023

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CACHE AND BURN: Nurse Scalded Newborn Then Tried To Hide Wound VOO ARE YA? Football League Bans Manager Over Voodoo Ritual CABIN CHAOS: Strong Turbulence Hits Long-Haul Flight To Portugal, Injuring 10 WAR IN UKRAINE: Russian Accused Of Smuggling Military Tech Escapes House Arrest In Italy Ahead Of USA Extradition… Read More »CEN 24/03/2023


WAR IN UKRAINE: Ukrainian Forces Destroy Russian Comms Tower Using American Guided Artillery Shell WAR IN UKRAINE: So-Called DPR Says Russian Aircraft Hit Ukrainian Military Positions Near Avdiivka WAR IN UKRAINE: Ukrainian Forces Pummel Russian Positions Near Bakhmut WAR IN UKRAINE: So-Called DPR Says It Destroyed Ukrainian Armoured Vehicles Using… Read More »NEWSFLASH WAR DESK 24/03/2023

CEN 23/03/2023

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VOODOO LOOK: Zimbabwean Mum Performs Angry Ritual Outside UK Court Demanding Son Back LIVE SHOW: Adult Film Star Undresses In Public Park And Picks Men For Foursome With Lottery WAR IN UKRAINE: Meet Ruslana, The 19-Year-Old Ukrainian Girl Who Lost Her Leg Defending Her Country WILLY RUDE: Religious Conservatives Slam… Read More »CEN 23/03/2023

CEN 22/03/2023

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BATTLE MARKET: 26 Facing Jail After Gunfight Between Family Firms DOGS OF WAR: Two Lawyers Brawl In Street After One’s Pet Attacks The Other’s WATERBRAWL: Drought-Hit Neighbours Fight Over Drinking Water This flag list expires at 06:33 on Wednesday April 5, 2023


WAR IN UKRAINE: Breaking: Russian Missile Hits Multi-Storey Residential Building In Zaporizhzhia Today WAR IN UKRAINE: Ukrainian Soldiers Take Out Groups Of Russian Troops And Equipment In Donetsk WAR IN UKRAINE: Russia Says Its Ka-52 Attack Helicopters Took Out Ukrainian Positions WAR IN UKRAINE: Ukrainian Special Forces Destroy Russian Anti-Aircraft… Read More »NEWSFLASH WAR DESK 22/03/2023

CEN 21/03/2023

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SCHOOL BULLIES: Moment Three Girls Beat Up Classmate And Set Her Hair On Fire DAD KILLED DAUGHTER IN HIGH-SPEED POLICE CHASE: Two-Year-Old Girl Found Dead In Car SCHOOL BULLY SEIZED: Arrest Of Girl Who Beat Classmate, 14, To Death HOLIDAY FROM HELL: Poolside Slip Leaves Merseyside Woman Unable To Walk… Read More »CEN 21/03/2023


WAR IN UKRAINE: Ukrainian Special Forces Destroy Russian Armoured Vehicles On The Move With Drones WAR IN UKRAINE: Ukrainian Artillery Destroys Russian Ammo Warehouse And Multiple Launch Rocket Systems WAR IN UKRAINE: Ukrainian Forces Take Out Camouflaged Russian Repair Base In Mykolaiv WAR IN UKRAINE: Barrage Of Ukrainian Ordnance Pummels… Read More »NEWSFLASH WAR DESK 21/03/2023

CEN 20/03/2023

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DEADLY FLIGHT: Four Army Officers Killed In Helicopter Crash During Military Mission MIRACLE SURVIVAL: Dad And Baby Daughter Fine As Quake Brings Down Home Around Them IRAN HIJAB PROTESTS: Selena Gomez Praises Iranian Dancing Girls CLOSE CALL: German Tourists Escape Palestinian Mob Attack On Israeli Car HUNK’S HELP: Rugged Film… Read More »CEN 20/03/2023