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If your website needs more attention-grabbing news articles, supported by strong pictures and videos, then find out how a Real Press news feed will supercharge your pageviews without blowing your budget.

The world is changing. The way we create and publish news has moved on, and in this brave new world for journalism the old ways are no longer cost-effective.

That’s where Real Press comes in. We are innovative, global, verified, and comprehensive. We are different, and we are the future.

Real Press believes in journalism, and cares about the industry. After 15 years of operating in this space, we know that journalists need to be free of commercial interests, they need to be on location, and they need to be supported by a team of professionals.

Real Press is the umbrella group for the agencies Newsflash Gmbh, Golders Ltd, Asia Wire Report, Clipzilla and many others. Terms and conditions of usage of our content can be found here.

Our virtual newsroom is the new way that journalists across the globe bring safe bricks-and-mortar practices into the world of digital transformation and agility.

We are the safe hands supporting your publication’s valuable reputation.


What we send in your news feed

We send a daily rolling newsfeed with pictures and video that is meticulously crafted, up-to-the-minute, licensed and ready for use.

All subscribers receive news packages at the same time as our other media partners, so you can publish with the confidence that, if you act fast, you will be breaking it for your readers.

Our news items are designed to bring in readers and keep them engaged on your site with powerful narratives that will have them coming back for more. They are completely independent – meaning they are free of any advertising and the only message is to inform, educate and entertain – and importantly, they come with the assurance that they are safe to publish instantly due to the series of specialised processes we ensure are met before items can be sent, and our clear, unambiguous copyright agreements.

Our news content feed is free to receive for accredited news publishers under a signed contract, and all the news items can be published at the agreed rate per item. High-volume subscribers can also choose a single fee model that overrides the per-usage fee.

Our innovative virtual newsroom allows senior news professionals to collaborate with our on‑location journalists to ensure no corners are cut and our news items meet the tough standards demanded by the Fleet Street nationals.

Having a virtual newsroom not only ensures smooth running, it also makes it possible to have multilingual journalists on the ground to cover the news where it happens when it happens, and with unique perspective only possible for a local.

We began operation in the UK, arguably one of the most competitive media landscapes in the world, and are a major supplier to some of the biggest newspapers such as the Daily Mail and The Sun, as well as a host of others such as the Express, Daily Star and Mirror, which we have supplied for more than two decades. We are one of the best known independent news providers in the competitive new media ecosystem.

When we send your news feed

We send our news items as soon as they are verified and ready for publication, generally between 7:00 and 15:00 UK time.

Each day we send at least 40 news items but on a busy news day this can increase up to 70.

How we send your news

Our news items are sent as individual stories via email, FTP, a rolling RSS feed, or the bespoke news to news delivery service FingerPost.

FingerPost is a specialist news distribution network that enables its hundreds of media partners to send and receive news between each other.

Managing the volume of news you receive

By default, we send out each news package as a separate unit. For our big global partners this is the ideal approach for delivering the high volume of content they require in a timely manner.

But we can also bundle our news packages into twice-daily list deliveries to reduce the volume of incoming feed items.
These ‘Flag Lists’ are a briefing summary of the collected news packages – in effect to flag the items to news desk partners in order to make them aware of the available content.

In Real Press’s Flag List, the full package is instantly accessible via links to a landing page for each item. The landing page contains the full story, download links for associated media, and a host of associated information about the news item.

See examples of news item landing pages at – Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3

Tailoring the news we send you

By default, we send out every news package item that our agencies create. Our big global partners require this to ensure that they do not miss valuable items, but this approach could easily overwhelm specialised publishers.

To avoid this, we can tailor the content feed to only send those that suit specifications set by you. Tailoring can be applied to both individual item feeds or Flag Lists.

You can select only the strongest items, or only stories from selected geographical regions or subject categories.

We can do this because we employ an innovative classification and ranking method during news production.

Each ranking comprises both story and illustrations rankings that collectively influence the total news ranking for each news item. The rankings are numeric from 1 to 10 and allow items to be better processed by news or picture editors by prioritising or identifying deficiencies quickly.

If we give a news package a 10/10 ranking, it’s almost certain to be one of the most talked about items on the global news agenda for that day – like these major viral news stories that we broke.

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